Margaret Tite Bursary

The Margaret Tite Bursary is offered to Lacemakers to undertake study to further Bobbin Lacemaking. The aim of the Bursary is to further the individual’s knowledge of bobbin lacemaking at a lacemaking educational establishment of their choice.

The bursary was suspended during 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic and no courses generally being available to attend in person. We hope that this has now eased to enable us to offer the bursary again in 2022. We look forward to receiving your applications.


No more than two lacemaking bursaries will be offered each year. They are open to all bobbin lacemakers, resident in the UK including novices.

1. An adult of 18-25
2. An adult over the age of 25

Both bursaries are intended to assist with travel and tuition costs. Courses of any length would be acceptable. The bursaries will be awarded to the individuals who in the opinion of the judges demonstrate the best potential and benefit from this study. Applications for the Margaret Tite bursary must be made on a single A4 sheet. The applicant's name, address, date of birth, phone number should be written on one side with a short resume of their lacemaking credentials, if any. An explanation of how they expect to benefit from the selected course should be written on the other side. Applications should be sent to Louise West, 6 Friar Gate Studios, Ford St, Derby, DE1 1EE,  to be received by 31st May 2022. Recipients of the Margaret Tite Bursary will be notified by 30th June 2022.

About the bursary

Margaret Tite was a well known lace teacher from Oxfordshire (and my first teacher). Her passion was for Bedfordshire and Bucks Point laces.  When she reached the age she had to give up teaching and subsequently making lace, her books, bobbins and equipment were sold and the money put into this bursary. The aim to further lace for the future to keep alive this traditional craft.  She was instrumental in the setting up and judging it for the first couple of years. It was then handed over to the panel of three judges, which I now head. The money will continue to be awarded in her name for the foreseeable future, and donations can be made to continue it beyond this. Margaret was a wonderful teacher, who quietly suggested the correct way of doing things, rather than dictating it, but nevertheless students usually followed her way of thinking! She was a wonderful inspiration to me, and I hope to continue with this bursary, remembering her annually through it. 

Currently donated lace books and equipment are sold to anyone interested and the money added to the bursary to ensure that it continues. 

From Margaret Tite's Collection
Margaret Tite