Legacy of Lace 2021

Designs created for the Legacy of Lace project, for exhibition in August 2021 at the Erewash Museum, Ilkeston, Derbyshire (UK)

Blackthorn Reborn

Blackthorn Reborn' was stage 2 of MA ADAPT studies.

It was inspired by an 18th century lappet in the Blackbourne collection at the Bowes Museum.

Photograph by Ewan Mathers.

MA Lace

A large sculptural multimedia piece of wearable art created as part of stage one MA ADAPT. The piece is designed and incorporates memories from 19th Century lace, Victorian plant hunters and influences and uses both traditional and contemporary techniques and materials. The piece seeks to remind of the history of this period but portray it in a contemporary way.

Autumn Leaves Collar

An asymmetric collar in lace created to reflect patterns of fallen leaves in a local arboretum in autumn. Every leaf uses a different coloured hand dyed linen thread, and every leaf is different from the next one. Created for City and Guilds Diploma in Lacemaking.

Christmas Tree

A contemporary piece of lace but created using traditional floral Bedfordshire lace techniques. Designed by Anita Wilkinson as a challenge. Worked as two pieces of lace and then stiffened and shaped into 3D form.

History Recreated

Design created with the influence of the Nottingham machine lace designer, Amy Atkins, after viewing her original drawings in a Nottingham Museum. She designed for the Nottingham Lace Industry between 1904 and 1914. The design is a small motif, which was inspired from a much larger design.

Fuchsia Fan

A Fuchsia fan designed specifically for the fan sticks, and using the design on the sticks as the design source. The traditional techniques of floral Bucks Point lace, incorporate the contemporary use of coloured gimps.

Blue Periwinkle Fan

The blue centres of the flowers on the fan sticks gave rise to the design for this contemporary fan, using traditional Floral Bucks Point techniques, but incorporating the use of a coloured gimp.

Silver Magnolias

The contemporary design of this arrangement was inspired by the early spring flowers of a large Magnolia tree in the local arboretum. The tree flowers before the leaves appear and give a dramatic effect. The lace was made in silver plated wire with the stems created in Kumihimo techniques. This piece was created for City and Guilds Diploma in Lacemaking.

Autumn Delights

A piece of contemporary needlelace, made using Gros Point Needlelace techniques, based on autumn fungi and leaves at a local arboretum. It captures the essence of the fungi trapping the falling leaves. The piece was created for City and Guilds Diploma in Lacemaking.

Lace and Silver Ring

A spinner ring created with a laser engraved lace pattern to the top on a silver band. The filigree ball finishes the design and allows the lace to be changed.