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Crowdfunder success

2nd May 2018

On 16th April 2018, the crowdfunder that was launched 4 weeks earlier, successfully reached its target.

This is enabling the purchase of a laser cutter to produce laser cut, ready to work patterns for bobbin lacemaking. Initially the project will produce the patterns for everyone pledging for the reward of a pattern, before going into production for general sale. All of the patterns from the Bedfordshire Lace Designs book published last year by Louise, will be available as ready to work, along with all the pattern sheets also published by Louise. When production starts in a few weeks, the patterns will be available worldwide, and locally in the UK at fairs.

In addition to this, Louise will offer the service to anyone designing on a computer programme to produce the pattern for their designs, either as a one off for individual lacemakers or to designers for them to market and sell.

More details to follow once production has started.

A huge thank you to everyone who has pledged, and backed the project - your support and belief in the project means so much and has enabled it to become a reality from the initial dream.

A full list of supporters will be going on a page shortly.

Crowdfunder launched

19th March 2018

Through teaching Louise has seen many people struggle with the preparation required to make bobbin lace, either through difficulty with sight or with their hands, (or sometimes through lack of time) and so she came up with an idea to help with this problem. Through working with the Big House project, Louise developed and produced prototypes of laser cut lace prickings and after students tested them, decided to take the steps to make the project a reality and help lacemakers worldwide. The project aims to remove this barrier to being able to make lace, by producing the patterns ready to work - with markings on card and holes ready pricked.

A grant was secured to part fund the project and Louise launched the crowdfunder to match fund the grant along with personal investment. The crowdfunder is at and will only make the project a reality if the full amount is raised by 12md on 16th April.

Various pledge rewards are available and donations also welcome to make it happen, and be part of this innovation new approach to lacemaking.

Please watch the videos and see the updates for more information.

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Crowdfunder process image
Crowdfunder process image
Laser cut prickings for lacemaking

Heritage Crafts Association Awards 2017

19th May 2017

Louise receiving the award from Nick Carter, Marsh Christian Trust

At the Heritage Crafts Association annual conference at the Royal Society of Medicine, Louise was presented with a 'Highly Commended' certificate, for being one of three finalists in the HCA/Marsh Trainer of the Year Award. She was nominated by her students in Derby for the award.

"It was a great honour to receive this award and a fantastic day in London to receive it. Thank you to all my students for the nomination"

Photograph of her receiving the certificate from Nick Carter of the Marsh Christian Trust

Bedfordshire Lace Designs book is published

19th May 2017

Cover of Bedfordshire Lace Designs

The long awaited book on new Bedfordshire lace designs has now been published.

The book contains 29 new designs, ranging from beginner to Bedfordshire, through to advanced floral designs. The first patterns have detailed instructions with diagrams and techniques included. The more advanced patterns have few instructions leaving the interpretation more open to the individual lacemakers preference. Quality photos throughout. Also included are tips for the lacemakers, some of which have not been published before.

Introduction by Gwynedd Roberts and reviewed by Ann Day.

Copies are available to purchase at £19.95 from Roseground lace and Makit lace

ISBN 978-0 9957370 0-6

Kedleston Hall Restoration of the State Bedroom complete and launch

28th March 2017

Louise standing next to the completed state bed at the launch on 24.3.17

The restoration of the State Bedroom at Kedleston Hall, and the completion of the final room of the 30 year project was launched on 24th March 2017.

The State Bedroom was the final stage of the 30 year restoration of the 11 rooms that make up the state floor at this historic property in Derbyshire. The original bed designed by Robert Adams in 1768, needed extensive repair work, replacing broken carvings, renewing gilding and replacing the textiles - the silk upholstery, gold lace and braids. The launch was to celebrate this completion and thank everyone involved with the project.

I personally worked on the gold lace, making 30 metres, taking just over 1100 hours in 19 months to complete.